Colorado Transportation School LLC. 160 hour course

To train entry level Commercial Motor Vehicle Operators, and gain employment in the heavy duty trucking industry.

A 160 hour course is the standard hours of training you need to get an entry level position for any trucking company.

Our price is competitive and we offer one on one training and more hours in the truck then our competition.

Keep your current job until you finish school. Most schools start once a month and you have to quit your day job, at Colorado Transportation School LLC. you can pay $500.00 down and then pay as you go.

  • Course length: 20 days for a full time student.
  • Part time length: 45 days.
  • Open enrollment: You can start training right away and on your time.
  • Approved by the State: We are approved by the State of Colorado Private Occupational Schools & Higher Education.
  • Certificate: Receive a certificate to show potential employers upon completion.

All For The Low Price Of $2,600 Dollars.
CDL test fee not included


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Colorado Transportation School is not an extension of The Colorado Department Revenue.