CDL Testing

Do you have the skills in place but don't have a truck? For $125.00 you can rent my truck; the test is $275.00 with a $100.00 retest fee if you don't pass. Make sure you can pass the 3 tests; if not please refer to the training programs.

Maybe you already work for a company and only need the test? $275.00 for the initial test and a $100.00 retest fee if you don't pass.

Do you have some truck driving experience and have a job lined up? We have a 40 hour training package for just $1,200.00. 40 hours of back up and driving is a good way to refresh those rusty driving skills. The truck rental is included in this package for only $1,200.00!

Are you getting your license back? Do you need just a few hours to get familiar with my truck? Purchase 10 hours of Practice for $700.00.

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